Our balanced supply chain delivers sustainably grown food
to consumers worldwide

We are engaged through the value chain in production, procurement, processing, merchanting and distribution across five continents.


Our activities are managed through 25+ offices that connect over 75 origin and destination markets. Our 2,500+ strong team manages 45+ supply chain assets and facilitates the production and / or trade of 12m+ MT of essential commodities and goods, supplying over 4,000 customers worldwide.

A message from the Executive Chairman

Phoenix is a world leading agri-foods, resources and consumer brands group, setting ourselves apart by being at the forefront of social responsibility and ethics. 

Our approach is to create distinctive value through innovation, risk management and entrepreneurship. Transparency and credibility is at the core of how we operate our business on a day-to-day basis. 

We are committed to our role as a responsible global citizen and have internalised the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into our operations under our corporate philosophy of ‘The One Percent Change’. We believe in taking small, well planned and well executed steps that benefit the communities & customers that we serve.

Gaurav Dhawan

Executive Chairman, Phoenix Group

rice merchants globally

Phoenix Agrifoods participates across the agriculture value chain from farming to distribution. We are organised across eight platforms: Rice, Basmati Rice, Sugar, Grains, Pulses & Oil Seeds, Fresh Produce, Edible Nuts, Packaged Food & Ingredients and Farming. 

of hard commodities shipped per annum

Our diversified global merchanting, distribution and risk management operations focus on natural resources and metals. Our key markets are Europe, Africa, South-East Asia, and MENA. We work with more than 200 customers across 10 countries, ranging from distributors to end users.

SKUs on retail shelves 

Our consumer brands business is based within the dynamic UAE and GCC markets, focusing on food and non-food brands.

Sustainability, Impact and Traceability

We believe great changes can be effected through a series of small, well-planned and well-executed steps that contribute to the greater good. Hence, we coined the term '#TheOnePercentChange' as a philosophy to ensure that each step taken by our stakeholders delivers a positive change. In the same spirit, we seek to combine our efforts with others who serve all or part of the needs of our evolving planet and align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Cultural Ethos

Phoenix strives for continuous improvement and works towards shared success by doing the right thing for the right reasons. We bank on our vision, conviction and drive to energise, engage and inspire. We grow by managing our risks, obligations and opportunities with a solemn commitment to people and our planet.

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