About Us

Phoenix is a global agrifoods, farming, consumer brands and resources enterprise.


Our key strengths are our human capital, extensive geographical and product diversification, merchanting and logistics expertise, deep local connectivity and balanced asset integration, all of which are supported by strong financials and a robust risk management infrastructure.


We take pride in generating sustainable growth that adds value for our customers, employees, farmers and local communities throughout the supply chain.

Phoenix in Numbers

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Always ahead of the curve... 


Our experienced local teams are constantly anticipating global & local trends maximising our competitive advantage.

Our People

Our people are our ultimate asset. We are proud that we have best-in-class employees and we encourage them to always strives for personal and professional excellence.

It is through the nurturing and development of our colleagues that we seek to constantly improve as a business.

Our team is committed to pursuing our organisational core values of 'Passion, Humility, Integrity and Caring for Nature' in every interaction we have.


We have selectively grown across our supply chain into adjacent products & multiple geographies. This diversification has enabled us to capture more of our customers requirements and deepen our relationships.


Today we are diversified across 5 continents from farm to table, from rice to fresh produce & from broadacre to tech enabled operations.


We have also established a downstream retail distribution network, focusing on the GCC region, capitalising on our experience in marketing and brand management.

Risk Management

We have the ability to identify, analyse, mitigate and manage risks at every stage along the supply chain.

We have a nimble approach and flat structure which gives us resilience in all potential circumstances.

We continually monitor our risks and act promptly.

We have the skill and expertise to transform challenges into opportunities, increase our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses.

Our strategic strengths...

Balanced Integration

Our supply chain is the strategic strength of our business, it is the resilient core that all our business activities and built around. It is balanced and selectively integrated, scalable, maintainable and most importantly it is sustainable.

We have developed our supply chain using our deep understanding of the nuances of the movements in global agri-foods, resources and consumer brands.

Our agri-foods supply chain is built around developing the prosperity of farmers and their communities, empowering customers that purchase from it and developing all those that help implement it.


We promote full transparency across our business to allow all to see our actions and the planned outcomes.


We seek to support the economic growth and personal development of not just ourselves, but also all those with whom we come in direct contact.

We actively promote good governance within our company, empowering all our employees to act ethically and responsibly at all times in accordance with the company Code of Conduct.

We treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves. We believe that by bringing benefits to everyone in our supply chain, we bring benefits unto ourselves.

In-House Tech

As part of improving and developing our business operations, we develop market-leading tech solutions and platforms in-house, across all aspects of the business.

By adopting the latest technologies, evolving our processes and employing a high calibre team, we have enjoyed substantial and continual growth since inception.

The constant striving for improvement has made this growth scalable and sustainable.

Keeping this capability in-house has given us a competitive edge in the race to find efficient, sustainable and responsible solutions to the issues the world is facing.

Sustainability, Impact and Traceability

We believe great changes can be effected through a series of small, well-planned and well-executed steps that contribute to the greater good. Hence, we coined the term '#TheOnePercentChange' as a philosophy to ensure that each step taken by our stakeholders delivers a positive change. In the same spirit, we seek to combine our efforts with others who serve all or part of the needs of our evolving planet and align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Cultural Ethos

Phoenix strives for continuous improvement and works towards shared success by doing the right thing for the right reasons. We bank on our vision, conviction and drive to energise, engage and inspire. We grow by managing our risks, obligations and opportunities with a solemn commitment to people and our planet.

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