A world full of opportunities... 

We are a global conglomerate with 25+ offices spread across the world. At Phoenix, we believe our employees are our biggest asset and we invest significantly in people practices that ensure our team have the best resources to reach their highest potential. Here's what our team say...

Eklavya Chandra

Managing Director – Rice, Phoenix Group


"I started by managing the Rice Trading desk in East Africa…Six years later I was running the Rice business’ for the Group.... Phoenix supports its employees to achieve their potential professionally and grow as people personally"

On-boarding programme


We believe that all phases of the on-boarding process are important. At Phoenix, we lend constant support to new members and help them complete their first year successfully. We aim to create a welcoming and healthy work environment by providing the guidance necessary for new recruits to get acclimatised to the Group. Our employee on-boarding programme, ‘Sapling’, is designed to offer a structured assimilation platform – from a pre-joining stage to the initial period with the Group.

Benefits and rewards


Employees appreciate recognition of their good work, motivating them to continue delivering at the highest standard. At Phoenix, we celebrate milestones, honour employees with long-service awards and always provide our committed team members with due recognition.

Global opportunities


With the constant evolution of markets in the world, organisations need to stay updated by continually re-evaluating their people strategies and looking at how they can best deploy talent for future business success. Global opportunities and other career management tools - which help in delivering international exposure and platforms for our teams to showcase their talent - are used effectively across the Group.

Sustainability, Impact and Traceability

We believe great changes can be effected through a series of small, well-planned and well-executed steps that contribute to the greater good. Hence, we coined the term '#TheOnePercentChange' as a philosophy to ensure that each step taken by our stakeholders delivers a positive change. In the same spirit, we seek to combine our efforts with others who serve all or part of the needs of our evolving planet and align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Cultural Ethos

Phoenix strives for continuous improvement and works towards shared success by doing the right thing for the right reasons. We bank on our vision, conviction and drive to energise, engage and inspire. We grow by managing our risks, obligations and opportunities with a solemn commitment to people and our planet.

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