The One Percent Change

We have adopted the principle of The One Percent Change as our company ethos, to infuse sustainability, impact and traceability into the thinking and actions of the Group and its operations.


We share the best practice knowledge that we have developed with farms to improve yields through agronomy, seed management, soil management, irrigation (for example, rain-fed, drip irrigation, sub-soil irrigation, pivot), crop rotation, and most importantly, our knowledge of the forward curve of global demand.

We actively transfer our knowledge gained from downstream customer engagement to enable farmers to know when to produce the right crop. We enable farmers to deliver at the optimum times to match their harvested products with customer demands.

Unlike conventional farms that are rain-dependent, we have made investments in drip and sub-soil irrigation in our farming operations in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


Employing these techniques allows us to reduce the amount of water being used to as little as possible through the prevention of loss due to evaporation.These techniques have the added benefit of allowing the use of the irrigation pipe to target fertilizers and pesticides in fewer quantities than traditional methods.

This ensures that the fertility of the land is maintained for much longer time periods versus traditional farming practices and reduced the adverse environmental impact of fertilizer and pesticide usage.

We believe in becoming an integral member of the communities in which we operate.


In our farming communities in Kazakhstan we have sponsored childrens education, including school fees and the cost of books. We also provide food staples that are used during the Mid-day Meal Programme.


These actions support The One Percent Change initiative as we invest in the growth of future generations and in the happiness and prosperity of our farming community.

We believe that being a responsible employer goes beyond looking after just our employees but also encompasses looking after the local community where we operate.

In partnership with the Regional Department of Internal Affairs, we have deployed street CCTV cameras to ensure security for the population in Pushkinskoye.

We have brought improvements to the local community facilities by providing equipment for the school area and have improved school infrastructure by helping to fund construction materials.

We have provided local transportation for pupils and arranged for the clearing of snow in winter to enable continuity of the children’s education and maintain normality in life.

We're working to reduce plastic usage by substituting plastic bags with biodegradable versions.

This initiative has been supported by a significant marketing campaign where we ask consumers to adopt #TheOnePercentChange and replace plastic shopping bags (used in dustbins) with oxo-biodegradable garbage bags.

Our Partnerships

Member of the Global Agribusiness Alliance

Signatories of UN Global Compact - the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative

Member of the Sustainable Rice Platform

Sustainability, Impact and Traceability

We believe great changes can be effected through a series of small, well-planned and well-executed steps that contribute to the greater good. Hence, we coined the term '#TheOnePercentChange' as a philosophy to ensure that each step taken by our stakeholders delivers a positive change. In the same spirit, we seek to combine our efforts with others who serve all or part of the needs of our evolving planet and align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Cultural Ethos

Phoenix strives for continuous improvement and works towards shared success by doing the right thing for the right reasons. We bank on our vision, conviction and drive to energise, engage and inspire. We grow by managing our risks, obligations and opportunities with a solemn commitment to people and our planet.

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