Our Businesses

We began our journey in 2001 with rice, given the expertise and experience of our founding shareholders. Over the years, we have grown into three core business verticals with 55+ products.


We have achieved this by capitalising on opportunities that strengthen the business through selectively targeting complementarity activities where there are synergies in: origination, merchanting, logistics and customer base.


We have developed and built our supply chain infrastructure into an asset-light balanced integrated network that maximises efficiencies across the breadth of the agrifoods, farming, consumer brands and resources business lines. All of which are backed by strong financials and a robust risk management infrastructure.


We take pride in generating sustainable growth that adds value for our customers, employees, farmers and local communities throughout the supply chain.

Three core business verticals

We are engaged across the agriculture value chain ranging from farming and production to distribution. Phoenix Agrifoods is organised across eight platforms: Rice, Basmati Rice, Sugar, Grains, Pulses & Oil Seeds, Fresh Produce, Edible Nuts, Packaged Food & Ingredients and Farming. 

Our diversified global merchanting, distribution and risk management operations focus on natural resources and metals. Our key markets are Europe, Africa, South-East Asia, and MENA. We work with more than 200 customers across 10 countries, ranging from distributors to end users.

Our consumer brand operations provide both food and non-food brands with a strong presence and growth in the dynamic UAE and GCC markets.  

Sustainability, Impact and Traceability

We believe great changes can be effected through a series of small, well-planned and well-executed steps that contribute to the greater good. Hence, we coined the term '#TheOnePercentChange' as a philosophy to ensure that each step taken by our stakeholders delivers a positive change. In the same spirit, we seek to combine our efforts with others who serve all or part of the needs of our evolving planet and align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Cultural Ethos

Phoenix strives for continuous improvement and works towards shared success by doing the right thing for the right reasons. We bank on our vision, conviction and drive to energise, engage and inspire. We grow by managing our risks, obligations and opportunities with a solemn commitment to people and our planet.

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